Your marketing switch from social channels to metaverse

METAVERSO SOCIAL MARKETING – Defining a communication with winning key messages is fundamental for your business. It is also important to use the appropriate communication channels for your target audience. A new channel is emerging and it is right to take this new opportunity to do business. Let’s talk about metaverse.

The origin of the term Metaverse

The term metaverse had already been used and owes its origin to Neal Stephenson’s novel, “Snow Crash”, in 1992. In the novel, the metaverse is nothing more than a “digital twin” of the real world. An immense black sphere, cut in two at the equator. In this minimal metaverse, there is only one viable road through a monorail. The fascination of the metaverse lies in the veil of mystery that envelops it and in the infinite possibilities of expansion that characterize it.

In 2011 another metaverse comes to life in the novel Ready Player One, which will be followed by a film adaptation. The concept of metaverse is detached from the literature and arrives in the world of video games, with the MMORPG, Massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

However, the film world is so fascinated by it, however, to give life to a TV series, original Amazon Prima, entitled: Upload. In these series, a world is imagined in which human beings can live forever as digital avatars in luxurious metaverse-like virtual worlds, loading their consciousness on a sort of computer simulation. People related to them can interact with their loved ones “uploads” thanks to the use of visors and, in some cases, even special sensory suits capable of reproducing the sense of touch within the virtual world.

Your marketing switch from social channels to metaverse

The communication channel closest to the metaverse is surely represented by social channels. But how do you enhance your presence? How do you relate to people who don’t know you? What are the benefits of using a new channel like Swiss Virtual Expo?

On April 26 in online form, we launch the first masterclass of a series of training modules. In collaboration with Advepa and Ander Group, ated-ICT Ticino has created a course addressed to all people and companies interested in this new virtual dimension and who want, above all, to receive practical advice to promote their brand. Advepa is the Italian market leader for virtual events in the business sector, and is the company that has created Swiss Virtual Expo with a portfolio of 12 virtual fairs. Ander Group is a Swiss agency of Branding and Marketing present in Ticino for 16 years specializing in the creation of digital ecosystems.

To register for the event —> The first Masterclass to promote your brand

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