The first Masterclass on the Metaverse

MASTERCLASS METAVERSO SWISS VIRTUAL EXPO – It was held our first Masterclass of this new training course that we decided to propose in order to accompany all the curious and pioneers to explore the new territory of the metaverse.

Masterclass: “Your marketing switch from social channels to metaverse”

The purpose of the masterclass was to define a communication with winning key messages, a fundamental tool for your business. The focus was also on using the appropriate communication channels to match your target audience. In this case we have contracted on the new channel that is emerging and that it is right to grasp: the metaverse.

Speaker Ilaria Vanni, Head of Press of Advepa Communication after a reference to the theoretical framework of reference of the metaverse, explained what are the implications in the business world indicating which are the tools that make the metaverse a highly intensive platform and what are the growth prospects of the metaverse and the realities that are part of it. Thanks to the intervention of Raffaella Sansoni, Head of Performance of Ander Group we addressed the issue of the importance of having a holistic digital marketing strategy and what are the best practices for impact communication and convert so “strangers” in potential customers.

Below are 3 highlights of the masterclass on metaverse and Swiss Virtual Expo extrapolated for you

1. Meta: a word derived from ancient Greek. It is a prefix of many compound terms, indicating change, transformation and change… The “metaverse” is “a beyond, an after”, which is redefined in late October 2021 by Mark Zuckerberg as: “a set of virtual spaces, in which you can create and explore with other people, who are not in your same physical space”.

2.Being present today on the metaverse expands its digital presence, integrating in a holistic strategy an immersive point of contact with a strong evocative value. Being part of a metaverse, such as Swiss Virtual Expo, also means reversing the experience, involving their target audience with gaming mechanics, communicating and creating new sales opportunities immersed in a space that positions them as pioneers, innovators and visionaries.

3. Numbers: if the turnover of the metaverse was just over 38 billion dollars in 2021, it is expected to about 48 billion in 2022, to reach 678 billion in 2030. And the market for AR and VR headsets also grew by 92.1% year on year, according to IDC. Shipments reached 11.2 million units in 2021. Analysts predict a further growth of 46.9% year on year for 2022, which could continue until 2026, with shares estimated around 50 million units shipped.

The journey goes on…


We have planned 3 more Masterclasses over the coming months. Stay updated by joining our Metaletter.



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