Swiss Virtual Expo conquers Milan

SWISS VIRTUAL EXPO MILANO – “House of Switzerland”, the temporary networking and communication platform, welcomed Wednesday, May 25 in the frame of the House of Artists in Milan located in the heart of Brera, an all-female team of ated-ICT Ticino.

Swiss Virtual Expo goes on stage in Milan

An all-female team presented the opportunities of Swiss Virtual Expo to the Milanese public. Cristina Giotto – Director of ated-ICT Ticino, creator of Swiss Virtual Expo, Francesca Prospero Cerza and Luisa Masciello and Ilaria Vanni have plunged the public into the metaverse Swiss Virtual Expo.

It was a meeting entitled “Cristina Giotto Boggia and her team | MtMG Swiss Edition”; organized by Meet The Media Guru in collaboration with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Milan.

During the multi-voice intervention, the focus was on how the immersive platform is a totally new meeting environment, in which:

be informed and trained;
know people;

A platform for all, which does not deny the importance of events in presence, but offers a complement and integration.

The platform of Swiss Virtual Expo

We believe it is important to bear witness to what was said during the meeting and the message that the four representatives of Swiss Virtual Expo wanted to send. We start with Cristina Giotto who summarized the objectives of the platform.

“With Swiss Virtual Expo we have travelled the times, because its creative phase began thanks to the meeting with Rossano Tiezzi of Advepa, our technological partner, more than two years ago, when nobody was talking about metaverse yet. Our debut, in fact, in mid-October 2021 preceded by only a few weeks the announcement of the patron of Facebook and has confirmed even more that we have taken a path that does not refer to a near future, but that is already in our present. The platform we have developed, unlike other experiences that are on the market, wants to be inclusive. As it has always been since the beginning the mission of our association ated-ICT Ticino. In fact, with Swiss Virtual Expo you have the opportunity to offer companies and professionals an opportunity to experience their own presence on the metaverse; so as to get in touch with new business and business targets”.

It was then the turn of Francesca Prospero Cerza, Business Development di Swiss Virtual Expo.

“We are at a stage where the risk of falling behind can be a huge competitive injury. We are one step away from web 4.0; where marketing becomes ubiquitous and businesses must be able to communicate their presence and offer both in physical reality and in the virtual dimension of the metaverse. The generations that we define alpha and zeta, or digital natives, are immersed in a world that is totally driven by iot (such as home automation), utility’s app and virtuality. For them it is normal to talk with Alexa and manage smart devices, because compared to other generations they have almost no comparison with analog environments. And businesses must be able to align themselves with the needs of these new generations of consumers”.

The technological innovation of Swiss Virtual Expo offered by Advepa


With Luisa Masciello, Business Development of Swiss Virtual Expo in the room appeared the images and videos of the metaverse EVS. These were the words that accompanied them.

“We are getting a lot of attention from businesses and professionals who often ask us to develop special areas and dedicated showrooms. This is the case of the TIO Park created for the publishing group that also publishes the 20 Minutes. But the area requested by a large hospital institution such as the EOC is also a source of curiosity and surprise. Or the virtual ticket office of the Swiss Federal Railways, with a realistic representation of the TILO that is beautifully displayed in the pavilion. Even the City of Crafts has commissioned us a space that is truly unique, because it shows in an immersive context all the apprenticeship options that young people can find in the Expo as well as at the physical headquarters in Bellinzona.

But now that we have over 100 companies and organizations on board, we are not stopping at development. In fact, we are imagining gaming and interaction solutions to create even greater engagement and engagement with the audience that visits us”.

Ilaria Vanni, Head of Communication of Advepa, technology partner of Swiss Virtual Expo, closes the talk. The future challenges of the metaverse have therefore been presented.

“There are two main challenges facing the metaverse in the near future. On the one hand access to connectivity and, therefore, the reduction of the so-called digital divide and on the other the legislative and above all ethical regulation of the immersive 3D world. According to the ADVEPA team, it will be the companies that, using the metaverse to do business, will be able to regulate it and make it scalable, so that it acquires a key role in the international economy”.

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