Hurry! Last places for the Digital Collaboration Specialist exam preparation course

DIGITAL COLLABORATION SPECIALIST COURSE – The course to prepare for the federal examination of “Digital Collaboration Specialist” kicks off in Ticino. Selection open to 10 participants after an entrance interview.

Ticino proposes the course to prepare for the federal examination of Digital Collaboration Specialist

Also in Ticino, you can follow the course of preparation for the federal examination of “Digital Collaboration Specialist” in Italian. It is a 15-month long course, which occupies participants for two evenings a week with distance mentoring, beginning in September 2022 and ending in late November 2023. The course, of which the selections have been opened, is a limited number for a maximum of 10 participants, structured with testimonies and lectures of professionals and sees the collaboration of ated ICT Ticino and Academy formats. Training grants are possible, covering 50% of the cost of the journey (total value 15’000 CHF), and installment formulas for those who request it.

The floor to the experts

According to Cristina Giotto, President and Director of ated-ICT Ticino: «The professional figure of the Digital Collaboration Specialist is characterized by being the director and driving force behind the digital transformation in its working environment. It is the person who governs the implementation of digital strategies and responsible for the professional use of digital products dedicated to communication, administration or other crucial areas of activity of any organization. And thanks to the great knowledge and use of programs and technological processes, combined with methodical know-how and a strong customer orientation, the Digital Collaboration Specialist will ensure that all, customers and collaborators, can be ready to face the challenges of everyday digital life. It is, therefore, a very specialized professional profile, which all organizations will have to equip themselves, as, moreover, we observed recently, since the canton has also introduced with the appointment of Milena Folletti, the first Delegate for the Digital Transformation of the Cantonal Administration».

For Luca Mauriello, Director of the Federal Examination Preparation Course of “Digital Collaboration Specialist”, trainer and CEO of Swisstecnology and Academy Formats and Vice President of ated-ICT Ticino: The course that we have devised consists of 12 modules and is aimed at those professionals who already deal with or intend to deal with the management of technological and digital processes in different organizations. The specific topics will cover: Multimedia, Business Engineering, Business Management, Data Management, Project Management, Service Management. In particular, the ideal candidates come from the professional field of ICT, or operate in the commercial and sales sector, or profiles in human resources or that oversee the areas of business management. It is worth remembering here that in the Swiss population between 16 and 65 years old only 21% have a good level of skills in digitization and 1 person in 3 (that is, 33% of people) do not have the basic skills in the digital field. For this reason, those who will attend the course of preparation for the federal examination of “Digital Collaboration Specialist”, will ensure in the future the skills necessary to address the digital challenges in companies and public administrations».

Some information about the course

The full course costs CHF 15,000 and at its end 50% of the course will be reimbursed by the SEFRI upon registration for the Federal Professional Examination. But precisely to meet the needs of the companies of our territory the promoters of the course (that is, ated-ICT Ticino and Academy formats), will form and will take charge with a scholarship to cover total 1 participant identified among the persons in disability insurance, that it can operate part-time in sharing on more companies.

For more information and to participate in the selection for one of the 10 places to attend the “Training course for the preparation for the federal examination of “Digital Collaboration Specialist”, just go to the website or write to

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