Cristina Giotto appointed new President of ated-ICT Ticino

Cristina Giotto maintains the position of Director of ated-ICT Ticino and at the request of the Committee also assumes the function of President.

Luca Mauriello becomes Vice President and takes the lead of ated Academy.

Other new entries on the Committee: Marziale Brusini, Milena Folletti, Silvia Rovati and Tiziano Leidi.

CRISTINA GIOTTO PRESIDENT ATED – The Ordinary General Assembly of ated-ICT Ticino, which met in Cadro on 7 June, has elected Cristina Giotto President, who also retains the office of Director of the association. They joined the Committee: Marziale Brusini, Milena Folletti, Silvia Rovati, Tiziano Leidi and Luca Mauriello, who was appointed Vice President. A special greeting and thanks was given to Daniele Menotti, outgoing President of ated-ICT Ticino and to the other members of the outgoing Committee, namely: Davide Proverbio, Emanuele Carpanzano and Alan Boffi.

Cristina giotto’s words after her appointment as President of ated-ICT Ticino

I am particularly excited about this new position that I am taking on in the association in which I have been working with passion for 22 years – says Cristina Giotto, Director and new President of ated ICT Ticino. – This is the first appointment as President for a woman in over 50 years of history of the association and I think it is an important sign of the evolutions in progress, because the professions of the digital economy are open today more than ever to all and even in our Ticino. I owe a big thank you to Daniele Menotti, outgoing President, to Davide Proverbio, Emanuele Carpanzano and Alan Boffi, for the support and trust shown over the years to this association of ours and to me personally. And I am honored to welcome to the Committee Martial Brusini, Milena Folletti, Silvia Rovati, Tiziano Leidi and Luca Mauriello. Luca will support me as Vice President in the many projects dedicated to training. We will start, in fact, thanks to him a new ated Academy, to reaffirm our founding mission of informing, educating, passionate about digital technology companies and professionals from Ticino. Those who know me know that I have always worked with the aim of putting technology at the service of people and our association at the service of the territory, because I think that the value we must spend on towards the new generations and towards those who are not digital natives is that of a technology that is always inclusive, useful and able to offer new opportunities and profitable opportunities for relationship and work».

Luca Mauriello, new Vice President and Member of the Committee of ated-ICT Ticino continues: «I thank you for your trust and I am honored to be appointed Vice President. In recent years I have collaborated on several initiatives promoted by the association. Some have been in the wake of my profession and expertise, such as the courses I direct in Cyber Security Specialist and the upcoming training in Digital Collaboration Specialist, both with professional certificate, but on other occasions I could know and appreciate the human inspiration that characterizes the ated association. I am thinking also of the efforts made during the pandemic with the creation of the platform, which offered solutions and concrete help to those who found it difficult to manage work, school and human relations. But I also remember the most playful activities, such as the Digital Tombola in favor of the Maroggia Mill, the activities in favor of restaurateurs, or even fundraisers to equip families in Ticino with digital devices to help them manage families with important disabilities».

Projects in the future of Ated

During the Ordinary General Assembly, the initiatives carried out during 2021 were analysed and space was given to the projects and activities being carried out for the year 2022. A special space was dedicated to the presentation of activities such as: Swiss Virtual Expo, the first metaverse Swiss Made to promote the excellence of Ticino and its members around the world. We analyzed the coding and computer courses for boys and girls developed through ated4kids and the support of some sponsors, with a special mention for the teams of robotics, Smilebots and Smilebots Junior, who have triumphed in national and international competitions of the First lego League. E, infine si è presentata ated Academy, il contenitore di formazione dell’associazione con i primi percorsi adatti a sostenere la trasformazione digitale del Cantone (ovvero i corsi in Cyber Security Specialist e Digital Collaboration Specialist, entrambi con attestato federale).

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